Medicina y Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial: Medicina y Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial




2021 IAOMS/Asia

Implant-supported Occlusal Platform 

Primary Author: Francisco Hernández Altemir


Purpose: The purpose of this work is to design Oclusal Platforms with the aim of avoiding complications derived from over-implanted prostheses. They are prone to create certain issues in nearby areas, gingival stomatitis, mucositis, etc. To prevent those, some complex hygienic measures are required. This results in complex practices for the patiente, often of advanced age. Therefore, it finally results in frequent visits to the specialists (from Dentists to Maxillofacial surgeons, etc.). Methods Treatments with implanted and mixed prostheses are common and bring enormous benefits. However, they also require special hygienic measures (frequently complex for advanced age patientes). To avoid previously described complications, we propose our Oclusal Platforms implant-supported or even mixed-dental-supported. One Platform could depend from the superior jaw and other from the mandibular that would surely occlude perfectly amongst each other. Results Making of implant-supported prostheses is a conventional process simply adapting the platforms to the specific characteristics of each patient. Generally speaking, this could be from a toothless patient to a partially toothless patient in one of both jaws. The platform is then placed so that the chewing capacity is recovered in first place. Secondly, it would be added together with the platform a sketch of incisors and canines or the pieces deemed necessary without reaching the impanted gingival area. Conclusions The occlusal deviced proposed is simple and applicable in a way that the patiente recovers the funcional capacity for chewing, challowing and speaking, without forgetting the aesthetic aspects.

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