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Dr. F. Hernández Altemir, Dra. Elena Hernández Montero, Profesoras Sofia Hernández Montero and Susana Hernández Montero Approaches to Aging Control (Journal of Spanish Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and Longevity, nº 15, September 2011 (Pages 73-76). Pulse aqui para ver el artículo

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(English) G A S T R O S T O M Y

Source: Gastrostomy ISBN 978-953-307-365-1 Edited by: Pavel Kohout Publisher: InTech, December 2011 -Psychosomatic manifestations of gastrostomy in head and neck surgery (Chapter-10) Drs. F.Hernández Altemir, Sofía Hernández Montero, Susana Hernández Montero, Elena Hernández Montero and Manuel Moros Peña Pulse aqui para ver el artículo

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