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Tell you a story ……

Recuerdos / 1) and Actualidad (2)

(1) -As a student in the Complutense University of Madrid, in the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, we were among other disciplines: Internal student

of General Pathology, in the Chair of Professor Bermejillo, for later, in the same condition, three years, in the Internal Medicine, of Professor Dr. Don Vicente Gilsanz.

We saw and explored patients, in the Consultations, where our Professor was, Dr.Descalzo, who collected our Histories and Clinical Explorations, for later,

If the clinical case, it was interesting, upload them to the Session of Don Vicente and of course, we tried to go there, whenever we could.

On one occasion, Professor Gilsanz, said in his Session, this boy, has described, Cushing’s syndrome (was a server … ..).

Review that every Saturday, we celebrated, most of the Interns and on our own initiative, our own Session, of Clinical Histories and of truth, that was worth it

Not to say, of course, that we also attended the sessions of the Chair, in the Aula Magna, of the Faculty of Medicine of Atocha, which were magnificent and good, it is not for nothing, but once, we dared to say things and the partner said, say it, say it …

Also to say, that the Stomatology Degree, we did at the same time, that of, by Opposition, Pediatrics and Childcare Competition (to not abandon … the general medicine … ..).

(2) – Now for not going further back, we have been observing, that the issue was not as before and I explain:

The patient arrives, you have him sign the Data Protection and you start to Historian … (still us, on paper, as always …) and it turns out, that as I am, Stomatologist and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, … of course, we see, among others , many dental processes and … .., is not uncommon, that the patient and even direct or indirect close friends, before routine questions, tell you and all that, …, what for ?, if I come, so that I look at the tooth … ..I do not know, if I need to, comment on the subject of the Computer, which covers the patient and part of the relatives ………

All this and of course, much more, it made me think, we have to protect the Clinical History, updated and unintentionally, zas: Well, it came to me to propose it, for World Heritage and in that we are, for a few dates … .

Dr. F. Hernández Altemir

Medical Collegiate 505004161.

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